Black College Marching Bands

Bring on the Bands!

Black college marching bands are a huge part of the black college experience! We have video of all the top black college marching bands in the nation. We have marching band and drumline video from everyone from the world famous Grambling State Tiger Marching band to the FAMU Rattlers Marching band.

Whether you are looking for your favorite battle of the bands video or you want to see your favorite school's band perform you can find it here! Relive the memories of your black college days through video or check out our black college band photo gallery.

Step Shows, Struts & Strolls

Watch them strut their stuff on the yard!

We have black college step show video from all over the web! Watch the AKAs, Deltas, Omegas, Kappas, Alphas and all the greek organizations and non-greek organizations in step show competitions. We also have video of greek struts and strolls from every black college campus in America!

Steps shows and greek organizations are a few of the things that make the black college experience special! If you are a high school student looking to get a feel for what a black college is like, the excite and energy of a step show is second to none!

Black College Choirs

Let the Singing Begin!

Let your spirit be filed the awesome sounds of Black college choirs! We have video of all your favorite black college choirs the FAMU Gospel Choir, the Bowie State University Gospel Choir, Alcorn State University Gospel Choir, the Bennett College Choir, Inspirational Voices of WSSU and many more.

Gospel music and expressing spirituality through song has been a major part of the Afircan American culture for years. Black college choirs add a nice touch to the black college experience!


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